Michael Powell

Kellogg School of Management, 2211 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208
E-mail: mike-powell@kellogg.northwestern.edu



2016 - Present: Associate Professor (without tenure) of Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Spring 2018: Visiting Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Harvard University

2013 - 2016: Assistant Professor of Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

2012 - 2013: Donald P. Jacobs Scholar, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

2011 - 2012: Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied Economics, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



2006 - 2011: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D., Economics
     Thesis title: "Essays in Organizational Economics"
     Committee: Robert Gibbons, Glenn Ellison, Bengt Holmstrom

2003 - 2006: University of California at Los Angeles, B.A. and M.A., Economics

2001 - 2003: West Valley College, A.A., Liberal Arts



Sticking Points: Common-Agency Problems and Contracting in the U.S. Healthcare System (with Brigham Frandsen and James B. Rebitzer)
     RAND Journal of Economics, accepted, subject to final revisions

Policies in Relational Contracts (with Dan Barron)
     American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, accepted

Productivity and Credibility in Industry Equilibrium
     RAND Journal of Economics, accepted

Managing Careers in Organizations (with Rongzhu Ke and Jin Li)
     Journal of Labor Economics, 36(1), January 2018

Power Dynamics in Organizations (with Jin Li and Niko Matouschek)
     American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 9(1), February 2017

An Influence-Cost Model of Organizational Practices and Firm Boundaries
     Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, 31(Suppl 1), August 2015

Organization and Information: Firms' Governance Choices in Rational-Expectations Equilibrium (with Robert Gibbons and Richard Holden)
     Quarterly Journal of Economics, 127(4), November 2012


Working Papers

Firm Growth and Promotion Opportunities (with Jin Li and Rongzhu Ke), August 2018.

Markets for Rhetorical Services (with Dan Barron), August 2018.

Multilateral Interactions Improve Cooperation Under Random Fluctuations (with Jin Li), January 2018. Resubmitted.

Behavioral Constraints on the Design of Subgame-Perfect Implementation Mechanisms (with Ernst Fehr and Tom Wilkening), February 2017. R&R.


Research in Progress

Chains of Opportunity Revisited: Evidence from a Pension Reform (with Nicola Bianchi, Giulia Bovini, Jin Li, and Matteo Paradisi).



Eric Zitzewitz Award, Utah Winter Business Economics Conference (2017)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2007-2011)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Presidential Fellowship (2006-2008)

UCLA Departmental Scholar in Economics (2004-2006)


Professional Activities

Referee for: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics; American Economic Journal: Microeconomics; American Economic ReviewAmerican Law and Economics Review; Cambridge University Press; Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory; Econometrica; Economic Inquiry; Economic Journal; Economics Letters; Economica; Games; Games and Economic Behavior; International Economic Review; International Journal of Health Economics and Management; International Journal of Industrial Organization; Israel Science Foundation; Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization; Journal of Economic Surveys; Journal of Economic Theory; Journal of Economics and Management Strategy; Journal of the European Economic Association; Journal of Industrial Economics; Journal of Labor Economics; Journal of Law and Economics; Journal of Law, Economics, and Organizations; Journal of Political Economy; Journal of Public Economics; Labour Economics; Management Science; Quarterly Journal of Economics; RAND Journal of Economics; Review of Economic Design; Review of Economic Studies; Review of Economics and Statistics; Theoretical Economics

Program Committee: NBER Organizational Economics (2009, 2011); North American Winter Meetings of the Econometric Society (2016); Workshop on Relational Contracting (2016); Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (2017)

Co-Organizer: Workshop on Relational Contracting (2017)



2018-2019: LSE Capabilities, Competition, and Innovation Seminar (Scheduled); NBER Organizational Economics Workshop (Scheduled)

2017-2018: Workshop on Relational Contracts and Dynamics (Discussant); Princeton Microeconomic Theory Seminar; ASSA Winter Meeting (Discussant); Harvard Contracts and Organizations Lunch; MIT Organizational Economics Workshop; MIT Organizational Economics Lunch; BU Occasional Theory Workshop; CSIO-IDEI Conference; Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics; SITE Dynamic Games, Contracts, and Markets

2016-2017: Warwick Theory Seminar; UCLA Theory Workshop; Miami Economic Theory Conference; ASSA Winter Meeting (Discussant); Cornell Strategy and Business Economics Workshop; CSIO-IDEI Conference (Discussant)

2015-2016: Queen's Economics Microeconomics Workshop; Purdue Economics Seminar; CSIO-IDEI Conference (Discussant); MIT Organizational Economics Workshop; Chile Workshop on Industrial Organization, Keynote Speaker; Columbia IO & Strategy Workshop; Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics

2014-2015: Clemson Economics Seminar; CEPR Workshop on Incentives, Management and Organisation; NBER Organizational Economics Conference (Discussant); University of Hong Kong; HKUST; European School on New Institutional Economics; Munich Workshop on Relational Contracts; International Society for New Institutional Economics; Western Economics Association International Conference; NBER Personnel Economics Conference; Econometric Society World Congress

2013-2014: CEPR Workshop on Incentives, Management and Organisation; Chicago Booth Applied Theory Workshop; MIT Sloan Organizational Economics Lunch; Toronto Rotman Business Economics Seminar; NBER Organizational Economics Conference (Discussant); University of Zurich; LMU Munich; University of Regensburg; Utah Winter Business Economics Conference; International Industrial Organization Conference (Presenter and Discussant); Society of Labor Economics Meeting; Foundations of Business Strategy Conference; CSIO-IDEI Conference; International Society for New Institutional Economics Conference; European Health Economics Workshop (Discussant); Goethe University Frankfurt; Organizational Economics Workshop Sydney Keynote Speaker

2012-2013: NYU Stern Industrial Organization Seminar; USC Marshall Applied Economics Workshop; Haas-Sloan Conference on the Law and Economics of Organizations; NBER Organizational Economics Conference; North American Winter Meetings of the Econometric Society (Discussant); Northwestern Economics Industrial Organization Seminar; Queen's School of Business Economics of Organizations Workshop; International Conference on Contracts, Procurement, and Public-Private Arrangements; International Society for New Institutional Economics Conference; European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (Presenter and Discussant)

2011 - 2012: University of Rochester (Simon); University of Pennsylvania (Wharton BPP); Northwestern University (Kellogg M&S); Caltech (HSS); LSE (Economics); Duke University (Fuqua Strategy); Columbia Business School (Microeconomics); Stanford University (GSB)



Brogaard, Engelberg, and Van Wesep, "Do Economists Swing for the Fences after Tenure?" ASSA, January 2018

Kolotilin and Li, "Relational Communication with Transfers," Workshop on Relational Contracting, September 2017 

Jullien, Lefouili, and Riordan, "Privacy Protection," CSIO-IDEI Conference, May 2017

Alfaro, Bloom, Conconi, Fadinger, Legros, Newman, Sadun, Van Reenen, "All Together Now," ASSA, January 2017

Rhodes and Wilson, "False Advertising," CSIO-IDEI Conference, October 2015

Moszoro, Spiller, and Stolorz, "Rigidity of Public Contracts," NBER Organizational Economics Workshop, November 2014

Olivella and Siciliani, "Reputational Concerns with Altruistic Providers," European Health Economics Workshop, June 2014

Balmaceda, "The Buck Stops Here: Delegation vs. Centralization," International Industrial Organization Conference, April 2014

Alfaro, Conconi, Fadinger, and Newman, "Do Prices Determine Vertical Integration?" NBER Organizational Economics Workshop, December 2013

Troya-Martinez, "Vertical Relational Contracts and Trade Credit," European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, August 2013

Lazarev, "Getting More from Less: Understanding Airline Pricing," Econometric Society Session on Bounded Rationality, January 2013



Rafayal Ahmed, 2018. Chair. Initial Placement: London School of Economics, Fellow in Economics.

Colin Shopp, 2018. Committee. Initial Placement: Boston Consulting Group.

Can Urgun, 2017. Committee. Initial Placement: Princeton Economics Department.

Tongtong Shi, 2016. Committee. Initial Placement: Analysis Group.



Winter 2018 - Economics 2010B: Economic Theory (PhD)

Fall 2017 - STRT 452: Strategy and Organization (MBA); MECS 570-1: Organizational Economics I (PhD)

Spring 2017 - STRT 452: Strategy and Organization (MBA)

Winter 2017 - MECS 570-1: Organizational Economics I (PhD)

Spring 2016 - MECS 475: The Economics of Organizations (PhD)

Winter 2016 - STRT 452: Strategy and Organization (MBA)

Spring 2015 - MECS 475: The Economics of Organizations (PhD)

Winter 2015 - STRT 452: Strategy and Organization (MBA)

Spring 2014 - MGMT 452: Strategy and Organization (MBA); MECS 475: The Economics of Organizations (PhD) 

Spring 2013 - MGMT 452: Strategy and Organization (MBA)